Man’s innocent pursuit to reach the sky comes to a deadly end as he falls prey to his own destructive nature. 

Ishmael spoke about man driving off of a cliff in our first airplanes, unaware that he is attempting [and failing] to defy the laws of aerodynamics. Man is unaware that such laws even exist. He continues on, thinking that he is flying, ignoring the ground growing closer and closer to him. He believes that if he continues on and pedals harder, he will succeed in the end and his plane will begin to fly upward.

I watched this short clip in class and began to ask myself, what else are we telling ourselves that if we continue doing what we’re doing and improve, it will fix it? Are we treating the United States this way?

+Zachary Neubauer  wrote about population growth and decline in relation to Ishmael. He came to the conclusion that, with the development of our technology, “dying times” are no longer an issue. Our success has become our problem. After reading his essay, I started asking myself, should the U.S. be in a “dying time”? Our economy is crashing and without support from neighboring countries, we would be failing.

Are we so dependent on each other that we wouldn’t be able to survive without trade? If the money that we have is only numbers in a bank, how can we claim that it exists? We are oblivious to the idea that Mother Culture has us on lock down. It’s only a matter of time before we crash.

How can we hold ourselves to this false reality that we are free?


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