Earthly Discoveries

Today, while in class, my professor brought up an interesting point. Spring in Alaska is exactly what everyone seems to hate the most. It’s break-up season; a time when the snow is black and the roads are covered with halfway melted snow. It’s in the spring that you start to see all of the litter on the ground. The snow covered it up before, but now that it’s melting away it’s revealing all of the nasty blemishes we have left on the Earth… but there is still beauty even in what we might find ugly.

We went outside today to take pictures of several things. We were specifically looking for (a) man vs. nature, (b) beautiful things, and (c) signs of wild animals. At the time, I had no clue what the purpose of the assignment was, but I put on my coat and went outside to take pictures.

We (as an entire class) J-walked across the road and started walking along a paved bike path. As soon as we started walking I was looking for the items and started trying to take pictures, but by the time I got half way down the path I realized I only had one picture. I started listening to what I heard and just looking around. I didn’t really find anything until I stopped looking. But once I did, I was able to take some pretty amazing pictures:


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