You Need WHAT to Save the World?

I’ve been focusing a lot of time on researching ways that I can save the world recently. I was mostly just looking for small things that I can change that will make a real difference in my impact on the world, but when I searched “Ways to Save the World” and “Ways to Promote Environmental Conservation”, I was overwhelmed by the flood of articles at the tips of my fingers:

Some of them gave some pretty legit ways to cut back on waste products and help make an environmental impact. So, if we all have this amazing host of information at our fingertips, why isn’t anyone doing anything? I think one of the chief reasons people decide to ignore all of this information isn’t because they are intentionally ignoring it, but because they are just ignorant to the endless possibilities.

It seems to me that a lot of people haven’t been able to open their eyes and see what is really around them. A lot of people think that you need shovels and money and trees and political authority to make an impact, but really, I don’t think you need any of those things. There are a lot of ways to spread ideas and share what you want to do with the world. It’s easy to get an idea out and if you put in a little bit of effort to make something happen, others will start to follow.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to think of ways to spread these ideas and get people informed about ways to save the world, and I found an idea that I think can go a long way. While looking around, I found this website called Pledge Bank. Pledge Bank is a website that allows you to make a pledge (a promise to do something) but requires that other people do it too. Some people have been really successful with the website, including one man (Darren Grover) who set up a fund for African kids to pay for textbooks. Another man boycotted all forms of media for one week and got several followers to boycott with him.

I think maybe starting a pledge would be a wonderful idea, but the page doesn’t seem to have many followers. Obviously there are a couple thousand who visit the site each day, but think of how many thousands of people stop by Facebook pages each day?

Another (more successful) website would be Kickstarter. Kickstarter differs from Pledge Bank in the way that it goes about completing goals. Kickstarter is a way to raise money to do your project yourself. People will donate to fund your project and you will follow through on your end of the deal and give proof that you did what you said you would. Starting a project on Kickstarter would be a nice idea, but finding something worthy of taking people’s money would be difficult.

I think that, no matter what you do to spread your ideas, as long as you try you will find people who are willing to help. Discovering a cause that you want to support is the hard part.


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