Where did George go?

Recently I have been reading a book called My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and I came across a quote that really interested me”

“Thinkers aren’t limited by what they know, because they can always increase what they know. Rather they’re limited by what puzzles them, because there’s no way to become curious about something that doesn’t puzzle you.”

-Daniel Quinn, My Ishmael
I have recently been thinking about what I might possibly like to major in once I accomplish all of my pre-college goals and one of the subjects that immediately pop into my head is biology. I like biology, I’m good at it, and it sounds fun to sit around and study things all day.
My current biology professor is studying the optimal foraging theory in relation to moose and that really got me thinking, even if I did decide to major in biology, how would I ever come up with something to research and study that people would ever be interested in reading? Even more, how would I come up with something to research that is original?
It came to my attention at that point that a large portion of man’s creative ideas have already been researched or otherwise documented in some form. Man thinks he knows everything already, and doesn’t find small things interesting anymore. He thinks he already knows all there is to know about such things.
But since I know that’s not true, why is it still so hard to develop a creative and original idea?

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