Totalitarian Agriculture

In the Story of B, Daniel Quinn writes “The Tak had the remarkable and unprecedented idea that everyone should live the way they lived. It’s impossible to exaggerate how unusual this made them. I can’t name a single other [tribalistic] people in history who made it a goal to proselytize (formally defined as the act of attempting to convert people to another religion or opinion) their neighbors.”

When I read this, I started thinking about what they DID do. Well, I guess it’s true that they didn’t really try to convert them, but they would take their land and enslave them OR just murder all of the members of the opposing tribe. While I think that making everyone assimilate into the “Taker” lifestyle leads towards negative results, I think that it’s a political improvement from what we used to do (granted, politics have really fallen in the past couple decades.).

Quinn also wrote “Malthus’s warning was about the inevitable failure of totalitarian agriculture. My warning is about its continued success.”. While that method didn’t work out socially, it was really great for population control. With the exponentially growing population we have on this Earth, we could really cause some permanent damage. We have to do something to get this problem under control.

I think that it might be impossible to keep everyone that is on this planet, on this planet, still doing what we’re doing and fulfill our goal of saving the planet itself. No, I’m not suggesting that we all move out to space and I’m not suggesting we begin mass genocidic warfare against each other. I’m not really sure what I am suggesting (or if I am suggesting anything)… I just know that we can’t have it all.

We can’t always have everything that we want and this is a perfect example of that. We can’t have population control and peace at the same time. One way or another, either to violence or famine, if we don’t make a change, our species will fall. I think this is something that a lot of people recognize, but can’t find the solution to. We’ve studied ecology and mathematics and science and economics and still we can’t find a solution to this problem, and maybe that’s because it’s not a question at all. It’s an ethics argument.

There are two sides of the coin and there are going to be people fighting for both ends at any given time. We can talk about totalitarian agriculture and the root of our problems as much as we would like to, but that’s just going to be another thing to sit in a room and argue about that’s going to waste time. We have to look at this problem as something new. It’s something that we’ve never faced before and we can’t look at our actions in history to try to solve this problem. We’ve never had this problem.

.We have to approach the problem from a new direction. Destitus ventis, remos adhibe. 


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