A Lesson in Generosity

For the past year there has really been something tugging at the front of my brain and although I thought it was a really cool idea, it was something that I thought seldomly happened or wouldn’t happen to me, however, last Thursday I was proven wrong.

It was the first day of classes and since I’m part of a middle college (high school and college) I was required to attend. I had gotten ready in a hurry that morning and forgot the lunch I had planned on my bedroom floor, leaving me with $4 to feed 2 hungry teenagers. As we were walking through Fred Meyers I looked to my girlfriend and said, “Okay. We have $4, what do you want to eat?” or something along those lines.

At this point I was almost completely oblivious to the employee ¬†stacking boxes in the vegetable/deli section and was quite surprised when she popped up in front of us and handed us a wad of cash. She said that it wasn’t much, but it would at least get us lunch. We asked the lady if she was sure, and took the money, only to find out that she had given us $12. There is a big difference between $4 and $16 and it was because of her that we were able to eat lunch for the three days following the incident.

I never saw her name tag and she seemed to disappear shortly after, but it’s thinks like this that make me want to pay for someone else’s meal. I have yet to actually do it, but once I get enough money to make sure I can feed myself, I would love to pay for someone else’s meal and see what happens.

The generosity of this woman not only made my day because I was fed, but because I was overjoyed that someone would give away their hard earned cash to a couple of teenagers trying to feed themselves. I’d love to know I made someone else’s day that way.


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