Shane Koyczan

I don’t usually try to focus a blog post on one specific person but I think there is one man who deserves special praise right now. I have read countless poems by this man and he never fails to make me smile. In some form or another, he is always making an effort to help someone be noticed or improve the overall condition of the world. He is always working toward making life more bearable and I think that is the kind of person I want to be when I reach my ultimately successful moment.
I want to know that I can impact someone so much and it amazes me how few words he needs to say to do just that. I just received this poem in my email:

Prayer for the Someone who is Somewhere Dying 

I did not know you
we did not counsel each other through the hardships of experience
we did not foolishly believe that a driver’s license
was the cure to our failed popularity

we never laughed at each other
with the well meaning that you can find sculptures of
in any cathedral
 that was built to memorialize love

we did not backpack across Europe and drink cheap wine
while celebrating our adventures in flesh
I wish we would have 
but seldom were my thoughts
that you were even out there
I did not know you
we did not feel the inconsistent tides 
of our comings and goings

the way friends sometimes do

we did not lay heavy sacrifices upon the altars of longing
hoping to bed those we dreamt of in our youth
and if by chance distance allowed us to do so
we never traded the stories
as if they were the baseball cards
needed to complete the collection of ourselves
we did not break bread
I wish we would have

but seldom were the times I took pause to think of you
until now you have only been a concept

something that I once or twice glimpsed

and later dismissed as a cunning trick of light and shadow
but please know

I cannot live in your absence with only the wretched excuse
that I did not know you
so sleep now
knowing that upon my death
my body will be the candle that I light for you.

Shane Koyczan 


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