A New Beginning

Beginnings are difficult for me. Change is difficult for me. But I have learned the hard way that trying to evade such change often concludes negatively, so I have learned to just roll with it.

One thing I think is impossible for the average intellect to avoid is the truth of what nightmarish horrors are being overlooked and downright ignored in the meat, dairy, and egg industry. It makes me stick to learn of the truth and it makes me angry to know that so many people, including the loved ones I know and would otherwise call reasonable, compassionate people, are turning a blind eye to what is happening. Many because they believe that there is “no possible way” anyone could get away with that, others because they are uneducated, even more because they “don’t want to know”, and even a few who just “don’t care” and “love their steak too much.” It’s hard to sit by and watch this happen while everyone else goes about their day eating the dead carcasses of other animals who would otherwise be living.

I’ve made a bit of a resolution for this new year. Last year I made the pledge to go vegan by the end of the year. I slacked all the way through the first half of the year before finally buckling down and making the commitment at the very end of July. That’s over half of the year wasted and so many tortured animals that I could have spared. This year I won’t make that same mistake.

Starting in the new year I’m going raw til 4, the diet I was originally on when I switched to this lifestyle. Honestly the consumption of fruit early in the day gave me so much energy and I felt 10x better just by changing what I was eating. I really don’t know why I stopped. I am also pledging to make one post a week, researching various brands, food items, ethical issues, and health problems in relation to veganism and relaying the information with reliable sources here on the vegelovin page. I want to be able to educate myself and others about this terrible industry and the lies that are being fed to us as children to turn a profit for these large companies.Perhaps eventually I can start a blog series, but for now this is where my conglomeration of vegan education will be gathered.

In starting off the new year, I can proudly say that I am becoming more at terms with who I am and where I am going. This journey will be a difficult one, that’s certain, but I know that if I make the best of it there is so much that can come out of it.

– Jordan


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