Point Break


About a year ago I saw previews for a 2015 movie release that really caught my attention. The film was going to be called “Point Break,” and was a re-make of the 1991 film starring the infamous Swayze ( which I still have never seen). The preview features skydiving, one of my top bucket list activities, so I was immediately sold on watching it. Despite my intentions, I wasn’t able to get to the theaters to see it, but I watched the film last night, and despite the horribly unimpressive ending (we’ll get into movie politics later), I thought that the film carried an incredibly appealing message that deserved acknowledgement.

The film’s main antagonist, a character named Bodhi, has an undoubtedly amazing outlook on living life to the fullest and respecting nature while you do it. He said one thing in particular that made me pause the movie and just sit there for a moment, absorbing and deciphering what I have known all along, but have never experienced in words:

We must give back more than we take.

Okay, for one moment, we’re going to ignore the fact that Bodhi is about to blow up the side of a mountain and murder several people; let’s focus on the meaning of his words and less on his interpretation of them.

Regardless of whether I actually bring it up in a conversation, the fact that I’m vegan or that I live a minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle always comes up. Somebody always asks a question and I have to elaborate before I sound like a mad man. Finding someone who has the same opinions and views of how we should treat the world is very rare, so I’m always taken aback when I hear something like “we must give back more than we take,” even if it’s just from a character in a movie. It’s not a popular opinion and the last major movie that carried an eco-friendly message arguably received more criticism than praise.

But what exactly does that mean? HOW do we give back more than we take? How do we even give back? Or how do we avoid taking? I think we all have to interpret that in our own way. For me, avoiding overindulging and buying useless things that I don’t need (and will most likely end up in a landfill) is part of what satisfies my need to “give back.” I try to buy biodegradable and reusable products as much as possible. A menstrual cup is just one example of how I avoid using and buying products in excess. If I purchased tampons or pads every month, imagine the amount of garbage I would be throwing away!!

How do you “give back more than [you] take”?


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